Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspirational Use Of Blogger

1.Know more about your friend's recent activities.
2.Comment on friend's blog.
3.Friends can communicate with you through Blogger.
4.Share photos and pictures through Blogger to your friends

Cyber Wellness Tips For Blogger

1.Do not reveal pictures of yourself on the Internet.
2.Do not reveal personal information about yourself
3.Do not communicate with strangers on the Internet.
4.Do not add friends on the Internet whom you don't know

Dangers About Blogger

1.People may hack your account
2.People may see your true identity
3.Other's may use vulgarities on your blog
4.Other's may insult or say bad things about you on your blog

Project ''Crush''

Interesting facts About Blogger
1.Can communicate with friends through an interesting way
2.Can decorate your blog with nice designs
3.Can go to other's blog and comment on it
4.Share with friends interesting pictures and photos

Project ''Crush''

What do we have to do after creating the blog??